Percy-Bysshe Meet Percy -- Our Resident Poet
O, world! O, LIFE!

The winged words on which my soul would pierce
Into the height of Love's rare Universe,
I pant, I sink, I tremble... O -- Hi THERE, folks!  

It's me! Percy (Bysshe)!  Ya caught me waxing poetic!


Well, truth be told (with no dramatic license necessary) I was definitely trembling when I was pounding the pavement of South B'more when the snow and ice made things not so nice.  But, now? I really can't complain! I get as much as I want to eat, a soft bed, and an orange, spiky, gold-flecked sphere that serves to... uh... spark my contemplative reveries. 

BUT - MAN - am I ever stoked to find my new peeps!

Not only will I roll AT their feet (glowing at once with love and sparkling with ecstasy) I will roll ALL OVER anyone's feet to express my undying LOVE of life!  It's just what I do!

Indeed - pay no attention to the patch of fur missing round my left eye.  What happened to me (you might ask)?  Well, the veterinarian told my rescuers that it appears that someone might have thrown acid in my face.  Alas! I am not vain, and my mantra -- Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted -- says it all.  But, hey! Instead of dwelling on the tribulations of my past, I prefer to look forward to nestling near thy side.

Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!  Well...  not so much.  I'm not partial to being picked up - however, I am NOT prone to violent insistence - I am just vociferous about my desires (what else would you expect from a poet?)  Look - just being next to you will be enough to fill me with joy. 

My cup runneth over -- FOLKS - I AM Percy (Bysshe) and I AM AVAILABLE!